Tire Information Guide For Achilles Tires

Achilles tires will give your car a great look, smooth ride and excellent handling, so they are perfect if quality is your first priority. The tires are made with wide grooves so they are resistant to hydroplaning and have excellent grip on the road. The tires from Achilles, such as the Achilles ATR sport tires, incorporate eco safe and environmentally friendly technology that improves fuel mileage and reduce rolling resistance as like 4×4 tires. Design on profile, which is computer aided, provides great comfort and steering response. In addition, the tread designs of the tires ensure better performance for braking, acceleration and handling. The tires are belted with sturdy steel to provide long tread life and durability. Achilles tires rating is for mud and snow so you can use them for year round road conditions.

Tire Size Information Guide

To help you in choosing the best type of Achilles tires for your vehicle, here is some tire size information to guide you.

  • Tire Section Width

This figure refers to the section width of Achilles tires from the widest point of the outer sidewall of the tire to the widest area of the inner sidewall, once the tire is mounted on the proper wheel. The figure is conveyed in metric millimeters. If you want to convert millimeters into inches, you just have to divide by 25.4 the section width.

  • Tire Size Sidewall

This figure refers to the side wall height of the tire size, beginning from the tire thread to the tire rim. A “40” figure specifies that the tire sidewall is 40 percent of its section width. The higher the tire, the higher would be the number. This figure can be called as aspect ratio, series or tire profile.

  • Tire Diameter

This figure refers to the diameter of Achilles tires. The diameters of the wheel and tire are designed to match each other. So if you have a 17 inch wheel, you should buy a tire that has a 17 inch diameter.

Aside from Achilles tires review, you may also use the tire info from UTQG or Uniform Tire Quality Grading to look for information about an Achilles tire. Some of the vital information you should know are the following:

  • Tread Wear

The tread wear grade of UTQG indicates the durability of the tire compared to other tires. A UTQG grade of 500 for example would be twice as durable as a tire with a 250 grade. These figures were taken from the results of UTQG tread wear test.

  • Traction

The traction grade indicates the stopping ability of the tire on wet road. The different types of UTQG traction grades include A, B, C and AA. An AA grade means that the tire would stop quicker on wet road compared to a C graded tire.

  • Temperature

The temperature grade rates the capability of the tire to dissipate heat, which is produced by driving. Through time, heat results to tire damage. The temperature resistance rating of Achilles tires can be found on the sidewall. All tires sold in the US must have a C rating at least.

These sets of information will be your basis when buying appropriate Achilles tires for your vehicle contrary to blemished tires.